Aurora’s master planned community has many benefits for you and your family. Below are the design features and specifications that assist you to get more out of life, living at Aurora.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water
Supplies consistent hot water and makes the most of freely available energy from the sun.

6-Star Energy Design
All homes at Aurora have been designed to achieve a minimum 6-star energy rating to help reduce energy use and impact on the environment. Your home’s 6-star design rating relates to how well it copes with the heat in summer and with the cold in winter – its ‘thermal performance’. Your house designer may have used some or all of these features to achieve this performance level.

Sun Shading
These protect your windows from the harsh summer sun and allow the low winter sun to penetrate and heat your home. This can significantly reduce your heating and cooling needs.

Positioning Your Home
Your home conforms with height and positioning controls to make the most of natural sunlight and help ensure your home is not overshadowed by your neighbours so you enjoy maximum privacy – inside and out.

Fibre Optic Connection
The fibre optic connection will allow you to activate and receive the latest technology for all your home’s communication and entertainment needs including telephone, internet and subscription TV – for now and into the future.

Water Sensitive Urban Design
At Aurora rainwater runoff is captured from roads, driveways and roofs and flows into rain gardens, swale drains, wetlands and bio retention ponds. The water is filtered naturally, protecting the health of our waterways.

Water Saving Solutions
Aurora is the first residential development in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to have recycled water. Your connection to Class A recycled water means you are not relying on Melbourne’s drinking water to flush toilets and water gardens.

Seamless Indoor & Outdoor Living
Most living areas are orientated north to make the most of the sun and create a convenient link between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. This creates more room for entertaining. The outside living area is either left uncovered or partially uncovered to avoid blocking the sun. This results in lighter brighter living areas – inside and out.

Saving Energy and Water
Minimum 4 to 5 star heating and cooling appliances and flow restrictors on shower heads, toilets and taps, along with efficient lighting, help you save on your energy and water bills.