Our Association

The Aurora Community Association (ACA) is an independent, grass roots, community-based organisation aimed at improving the Epping North/ Wollert area.  It was incorporated in September 2009 as a means for residents of Epping North/ Wollert to connect with other residents, organise social events, advocate on the behalf of the community on local issues and hopefully help create a strong, resilient and connected community.

The idea for the ACA came about when a few early stage Aurora estate residents met and got talking through the then VicUrban’s Coffee and Chat meetings.  New residential developments/ estates bring opportunities, and we saw a case for a united residents’ voice.  The early pioneers of the ACA thought that being part of a community association would put them in contact with other residents who may share similar issues and concerns, and that collectively they could work towards improving the Epping North/ Wollert area.

The creation of the ACA occurred over a long period of time, with much support from and many meetings facilitated by Taegan Hannah, VicUrban’s Community Liaison Coordinator.  To become an incorporated association we had to agree on a name, create a Statement of Purposes and also tailor the model rules (supplied by the Department of Justice) into the ACA rules that govern the running of our Association today.  None of these things were easy to do!

As a result of this process, we function as an incorporated body.  People need to join up to be a member and we have Association rules like other incorporated bodies. We have an executive committee which, governed by the ACA rules, make decisions on how the Association is run, what activities we will support/ be involved in and set meeting dates etc.

The executive committee has the office bearing roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer as well as 3 ordinary committee members. Without this group the ACA would cease to exist.  Find out more about our Association structure.

Our Statement of Purposesis as follows:

The purposes of the association are, with regard to the community of Epping North and Wollert:

  1. To commit to the sustainability and enhancement of the environment.
  2. To enhance community cohesion and celebrate the life of the community.
  3. To be a forum for decision making and to give or advocate fair and balanced representation on any issues or services pertaining to the community.
  4. To take a proactive role in developing and maintaining community infrastructure and services to all.
  5. To be a conduit for sharing and communication of information and knowledge.
  6. To promote action on matters of major concern to the community such as the immediate construction of a railway line to Epping North and Wollert until it is completed and operational.

This document is also available in a pdf format.

We encourage residents to get active in their community to make Epping North/ Wollert a better place to live and create a strong, resilient community. There are plenty of opportunities for involvement in the ACA- apart from the executive committee, we have a number of working groups which focus on different areas of need within the community. These working groups give ACA members a way of having a say, working to find solutions to community issues and representing the views of the general community to the relevant body (ies) in a united and organised fashion. Only through wider involvement by residents can we have a productive, diverse and functioning group.

We are always looking for residents to help out with letter box drops, letter writing, research, meetings with relevant authorities, attendance at public events and to help to raise awareness on issues that are of importance to the community.

Apart from working on areas of concern to the community, there is always the opportunity to be involved in something a little lighter like organising or attending an ACA social event eg. Community celebration/ event, trivia night, coffee and chat, bike ride or other fun activity.

Volunteering with the ACA is a great way to meet people in our community, make friends and help make our community a great place to live! Recognition should be given to ACA members who have kindly volunteered their time in the past to help with newsletter drops, fundraising, social event organisation and advocacy work on issues which benefit our community.

We are always seeking new members, with membership open to anyone of any ethnicity in the Epping North/ Wollert area, including but not limited to Lyndarum, Hayston Valley, Horizon, Summerhill, Eden Gardens and of course Aurora estates.  The greater the membership of the ACA, the stronger the Association and the more likely that authorities will listen to our concerns. Therefore it is very important to join as a member of the Association, not just admire us from afar! Only together can we make the Epping North/ Wollert community a great place to live.

Please remember that the ACA is not part of Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre, City of Whittlesea or Places Victoria (or any other developer for that matter!). We are an independent community-based organisation aimed at improving our area. As such, we are free to pursue our own aims and objectives.

The rules of the ACA can also be downloaded for your reference:

The rules of the ACA set out the powers of the executive committee, quorum and procedures at meetings, election and terms of office of committee members, and grounds on which an office of a committee member becomes vacant.
ACA Association Rules 2013

The ACA Statement of Purposes is also available for your reference:

Describes, in numbered paragraphs, what the association hopes to achieve.
ACA Statement of Purposes 2013