General ACA FAQs

  1. Is the ACA independent?
    Yes, the ACA is not part of Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre, City of Whittlesea or VicUrban/ Places Victoria (or any other developer for that matter!). We are an independent community-based organisation aimed at improving our area, free to pursue our own aims and objectives.
  2. I’m interested in becoming active in the community- How do I get involved?
    Email the ACA on enquiry@aurora.asn.au and explain what you want to get involved in and the secretary can put you in contact with the right person/ people. Alternatively have a look on the events calendar and come along to our next event- its a great way to meet other residents and to also find out from the ACA committee the best way to get involved in what interests you.

ACA Website FAQs

  1. How do I sign up to recieve the e-newsletter?
    Please go to the newsletter sign up page, complete your details and follow the prompts.
  2. How do I list my local Epping North business on the website?
    Please email the ACA website development coordinator on admin@aurora.asn.au your business details (Name of business, contact person, address, telephone number, website, email address and brief description of business.  The ACA reserves the right to edit content as required).
    Businesses based outside of Epping North (eg owned by Aurora residents but based in another suburb) can also list for $10 for one year, ending each December, price to be reviewed at the end of 2012).
    Once you have submitted your details, the ACA website development coordinator will review your application. On approval you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. How do I advertise my business on the front page of the website?
    Local businesses are able to list their business for FREE in our Local Business Directory or purchase premium advertising at a reasonable rate which allows them to advertise on the front page of the website and have their own page which describes their business in greater detail and utilises logos, photos, attachments etc.
    If you would like to find out more about advertising your business on our website then please go to the advertise your business page.

ACA Membership/ Joining FAQs

  1. I live in Epping North but not in the Aurora Estate- can I still become a member?
    Yes!  Membership is open to all residents of Epping North, including but not limited to Aurora, Lyndarum, Summerhill, Eden Gardens and Hayston Valley estates.
  2. How much does it cost to be a member?
    • Joining Fee $10 (paid only once upon joining)
    • Annual membership $10, all renewals due in July ($5 from 1st January in first year only)
  3. How do I pay for my membership?
    There are three payment options:
    1. Cash payments can be made in person to the Treasurer at events they attend.
    2. Electronic funds transfer to BSB 814 282, Account 310 737 28, Name: Aurora Community Association.  Ensure to include your name in the funds transfer and that your signed membership form is given to the Secretary/ Treasurer, or sent to our address (Aurora Community Association, C/O 2 Snugburgh Way, Epping North, Victoria 3076) or email listed below or you can email your signed and scanned membership form and EFT receipts to: enquiry@aurora.asn.au
    3. Cheque made payable to Aurora Community Association.  Receipts will be given in person or posted upon clearance of funds and receiving of membership form. Send cheques and membership forms to: Aurora Community Association, C/O 2 Snugburgh Way, Epping North, Victoria 3076.
  4. Are family memberships available?
    No.  Membership of the ACA is on an individual basis.  There are no family memberships as this is not allowed under our Rules and would also erode the number of members we have on our books, thereby reducing our strength when advocating to government and other bodies.
  5. Why should I join up as a member?
    – You will be able to vote on issues of concern to the community at ACA meetings which will then guide how the ACA advicates on the community’s behalf
    -Each and every member makes the ACA larger, stronger and more representative of our community
    -You can have your say on community needs and participate in the executive committee and participate in ACA working groups
    -Your membership fees will be supporting the ACA in their ongoing community engagement activities and keep this website and the association alive
    -You will recieve members only community email updates and also have access to members only content on the website
    -As the ACA website grows, including the number of businesses who advertise on it, you will have access to ‘members only’ special offers
  6. When do I need to renew my membership? 
    All ACA memberships are renewed annually in July regardless of the time of year membership of the Association initially occurred.  New members joining on or after January 1 each year will be charged a discounted rate of $5 for their annual membership, though the joining fee is still $10.
  7. Why does it cost $10 a year to be a member?
    As stated above, the ACA has a number of annual costs that need to be met to keep the Association functioning.  Annual membership fees cover some of these costs, thereby reducing the amount of fundraising that needs to occur and thus keeping the Association alive.
  8. The ACA membership form requires two exisiting members to sign it before I can become a member- how can I get it signed?
    If you have decided to join the Association after finding us online and you don’t personally know any ACA members, then probably the best way to get the form signed is by completing as much of the form as you can and then bringing it along to an upcoming ACA event.  There you can meet some ACA members and get the form signed then and there.  You can also pay for your membership at that time too as the Treasurer (or someone with the receipt book) usually attends events.If you know two ACA members already then you can complete the form and then pop around to see them and get them to sign the form.  You then just need to pay for the membership- see FAQ ‘How do I pay for my membership?’ above for details or look on the membership form.If there is some urgency in joining the ACA (eg upcoming vote) or there is not a meeting for some time then you can contact the ACA via enquiry@aurora.asn.au and a couple of committee members may be able to organise to meet you at the Aurora general store/ cafe to sign it for you over a ‘get to know you’ cuppa.
  9. Where do I download the ACA Membership form from?
    Right here!

    Please complete this membership form and get it signed by one current ACA member and return it, along with payment, to the ACA to become a member.
    ACA membership form 2013

Living in Aurora FAQs

  1. Do I need to mow my nature strip/ swale and keep trees cut back at the front of our property?
    It is your responsibility as a home owner in the estate to mow your nature strip/ swale.  There are a few nature strips that are cared for by council because of their size but most are the responsibility of home owners.  Check with council if you are unsure if you need to take care of yours or not.It is also the responsibility of property owners to prune back and maintain their plants behind the property line or to a minimum height of three metres above the footpath .Council has a program of pruning street trees on nature strips.If your neighbour isnt pulling their weight out the front of their house or if trees on the nature need trimming then please contact Whittlesea Council on 9217 2170.
  2. How do I report faulty street lights?
    You may report a faulty street light via the SP Ausnet Faults & Emergencies number – 131799 or via email on streetlight@sp-ausnet.com.au
    You need to advise the street address that the light is located outside of. You must also report each light separately, and give the light identification number from each of the poles. They’re easy to find on the poles, there’s a metal plaque attached to each one at about face height with the number on it.