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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Table of Contents

  1. President’s Report
  2. ACA- AGM – Come join the team
  3. Multi Cultural Event
  4. Events & Programs
  5. ACA Bin Stickers
  6. Free Heartfulness Meditation
  7. Pokies Play Campaign
  8. FROGG
  9. Kangaroos in Epping
  10. Sprout Hub
  11. Creeds Farm Activities
  12. Free Women's Health Day
  13. Pencil Art Classes
  14. Epping North Scout Group
  15. ACA-AGM invitation - 24th July, 2018
Winter-Newsletter-2018-July.pdf (165 downloads)


October 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

  1. Development Victoria sells Fibre to Home Network
  2. Mr Craig Ondarchie MP - Aurora Estate Fibre to Home FTTH
  3. Mr Craig Ondarchie MP – Train to Epping North & Wollert
  4. Creeds Farm – Adult Activities
  5. Creeds Farm – Children & Other Activities
  6. Survey – Have your say to win!
  7. ACA Bin Stickers
  8. Fire Prevention Program – Reduce risk of Grassfire
  9. Free Heartfulness Meditation Sessions @ Epping North/Wollert
  10. Solar – is now the time to buy?
  11. EVPS – Transition to School Program
  12. Carer Support Group For Indian Community
  13. Korin Korin Playgroup
  14. Money Minded Program
  15. Play & Learn & Epping Views Community Centre
  16. Seedling Fund – Community Celebration
  17. Stay & Play @ Galada Community Centre
  18. Plan Buy Cook - How to avoid food waste this Christmas.
  19. Mr Andrew Giles MP – Welcoming the babies
  20. Epping North Scout Group – Try Scouting
  21. Ideas to Action – Community Dinner & Meeting
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July 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents
1. President’s Report
2. ACA-AGM – Come join the team.
3. Bus Vs Rail to Wollert
4. Bus Vs Rail to Wollert(contd)
5. Bus Vs Rail to Wollert(contd)
6. Multi Cultural Event
7. Updates- Office of MP Bronwyn Halfpenny
8. ACA Bin Stickers
9. TRY Mentoring
10. Free Heartfulness Meditation @ Galada Community Centre
11. Cancer Council – Fund Raising
12. Come and Join the Function Relay For Life
13. Relay For Life Event – What to Expect
14. Pre & Post Relay For Life
15. Peer Support @ EVPS
17. Sprout Hub
18. Epping North Scout Group
19. Epping North Scout Group
20. ACA-AGM invitation - 26th July, 2017

Winter-Newsletter-2017-July.pdf (221 downloads)


November 2016 Newsletter

1. Newsletter Contents
2. Why mandatory sentencing isn't an answer?
3. Thomastown Electorate Community Safety
4. Notice From Bronwyn Helfpenny's Office
5. CFA Open Day
6. Wild At Heart Community Arts – Program Details
7. Wild At Heart Community Arts – Program Brochure
8. Beautifying Edgar's Creek
9. ACA Bin Stickers
10. Heartfulness Meditation – Free Sessions
11. Christmas Carols with a twist – SMCM
12. Activities at City of Whittlesea - Information
13. Activities at City of Whittlesea – More Information Continued
14. Home Library Service
15. What's new at Creeds Farm?
16. Epping North Scout Group – Join the adventure
17. Epping North Scout Group -Looking for leaders
18. Epping North Scout Group -Fresh Christmas Trees

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June 2016 Newsletter

1. President’s Report
2. ACA- AGM – Come join the team.
3. Moonlight Cinema Event
4. Multicultural Celebration
5. Lendlease Updates
6. Aurora Development Plan
7. Proposed New Suburb
8. ACA Bin Stickers
9. My CFA
10. Child Support Legal Service
11. Free English Corner
12. Heartfulness Meditation – Free Sessions
13. Recycle Right Community Recycle Stations
14. Tech Club @ Creeds Healthy Together Aurora Forum
15. Creeds Farm Community Garden
16. Preps @ EVPS
17. Korin Korin Child and Family Centre
18. Epping North Primary School (interim name)
19. Catholic Parish PS @ Wollert
20. Fund our Future
21. Bricks4Kidz
22. Epping North Scout Group
23. DSCV Services
24. ACA-AGM invitation - 27th July, 2016

ACA-Winter-Newsletter-June-2016-FINAL_small.pdf (366 downloads)

March 2016 Newsletter

? Newsletter Contents - Pg. 1 ? Events in the Whittlesea Local Government Area – Pgs. 2, 3 ? Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre Information – Pg. 3 ? New Epping North and Wollert Bus Routes – Pg. 4 ? Grassfire and Fire Ratings Information – Pgs. 5, 6 ? Suggested Rail Network for Epping North & Wollert – Pgs. 7, 8 ? Creeds Farm Homework Club – Pg. 9 ? Feedback about this e-Newsletter – Pg. 9 ? Fund Our Future Infrastrucure Web Petition – Pg. 10 ? Epping North Scouts Venue and Contact details – Pg. 10 ? Creeds Farm Community Garden Information – Pg. 11 ? Lendlease Aurora Estate Media Release - Pg. 12 ? The Impact of Illegal Dumping – Pg. 14
March 2016 ACA newsletter


October 2015 Newsletter

Table of Contents: 1.Tips to Beat the Heat 2.Staying Healthy in the Heat 3.Seeking feedback about this e-Newsletter from the North Epping and Wollert community 4.Becoming an Aurora Community Association Member 5.Epping North Scouts 6.The Impact of Illegal Dumping 7.Welcoming new babies to our community 8.Wollert Community Markets – Two Wollert markets on alternate fortnights 9.Creeds Farm Homework Club 10.Free Personal Training in the Park 11.Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the laying of St Peters Church Foundation Stone 12.New Kindergarten opening up in Wollert in 2016 13.Free family outreach service to Galada Community Centre from Drummond Street Services 14.End of year celebration for ACA Members is on the last Sunday in November 15.Creeds Farm Community Garden News 16.ACA Membership renewal 17.Public Transport and road infrastructure update 18.Update from St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Catholic Primary School 19.Country Fire Authority (CFA) Epping Open Day 29th of November 20.Fire Danger Ratings – What do they mean? 21.Grassfire Fact Sheet 22.Free Community Fun Day 15th of November at Galada Community Centre
October 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Newsletter

1. President’s Report. 2. - ACA AGM - Come join the team! 3. - Trivia Night review 4. - ACA Bin Stickers 5. - Epping Views PS - Healthy Together - Aurora Forum 6. - Epping Views PS - Eucalypt Community Market 7. - Whittlesea Interagency Taskforce on Gambling 8. - Creeds Farm LLC - Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria 9. - My CFA 10. - Epping CFA news - Scouts coming to Epping North! 11. - Whittlesea Neighbourhood Watch 12. - Multicultural Celebration 13. - Wollert Community Market - 3rd Place Café 14. - Notice to dumpers 15. - Children's Protection Society 16. - Dads and Kids Club - Whittlesea Community Connections 17. - Catholic Parish of Epping and Epping North - Aurora Café 18. - For the fridge 19. - ACA AGM invitation– 29 July 2015
June 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. President’s Report. 2. Creeds Farm Community Garden, Galada Centre, Kids & Dads Club. 3. Lend Lease Purchase of Aurora Development. 4. Trivia Night March 21 5. Access Denied Campaign update, Get Active Expo April 19 6. Epping Views PS, Emergency Planning, Ziilch, Aurora Store and Café, Aurora Forum. 7. Multicultural Celebration, CFLLC update. 8. Fire Watch Dashboard, Mawarra Functions. 9. My CFA. 10. Being an ACA member, Wollert Market dates. 11. No need to dump waste! Free rubbish collections & recycling available, 3rd Place Café. 12. Tomato Preserving Day, Earth Hour Star Gazing, St Marys of the Cross PS 13. Epping Views Fete.
March 2015 Newsletter


October 2014 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. President’s report 2. 2014 ACA Committee, End of year Celebration 3. Membership renewal reminder 4. Train load of postcards 5. Trivia night helpers needed for 2015 6. Candidates meet and greet 7. Creeds Farm LLC update 8. City of Whittlesea news 9. City of Whittlesea news 10. Grassfire– What to do! Firewatch Dashboard 11. Epping Views PS Student Leaders 12. Opinion piece on transport 13. Dads and Kids club 14. ANZ Hotshots Tennis 15. Mobile Library in Epping North 16. Whittlesea Community Legal Service 17 Future Powered Families 18. Magpie swooping fact sheet 19. Aurora CAC update
October 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. A word from the President. 2. Neighbourhood Watch 3. Trivia Night 4. Annual General Meeting 5. Transport Working Group Report 6. Multicultural Celebration 7. Transport Campaigning; Transport forum 8. What will we do this afternoon? 9. Mums Night Out 10. Creeds’ Seeds and Feeds 11. Read with Me program 12. City of Whittlesea Update 13. Education week @ EVPS

March 2014 Newsletter

Table of Contents A word from the President. Epping Views PS, Emergency planning, Newsletter editor req’d, Aurora Store and Café, Aurora Forum. Creeds Farm Community Garden, Transport working group, s New Youth Program, New Small Business Grp. Free TV and Computer recycling, Can I recycle it? 3rd Place Café. Bronwyn Halfpenny msg, Campaigning for improved transport services. Trivia night on 29th March Multicultural Celebration, CFLLC update. Fire Watch Dashboard, Bunnings Ladies Night. Kids and Bubs market, Being an ACA member. Trivia night poster. Indian Playgroup. Cultural Bridges Community Action group. North Star Dental
March 2014 Newsletter


October 2013 Newsletter

Table of Contents A word from the President Community Garden, Multifaith Future Leaders Program Ozge’s Story Time at Creeds Farm, Coles in Epping North, Home visiting doctors Home Harvest 2014, Aurora Café, Aurora Forum Fire Prevention Works, Was your land devalued by your bank? Strengthening Community Preparedness & resilience for emergencies. Street art, Epping style! Transport working group update Halloween for little kids Trivia night organisers wanted AGM wrap up New restaurant precinct ACA election related events Membership renewal reminder, End of year celebrations 10. Kids and Bubs market
October 2013 Newsletter

June 2013 Newsletter

Page contents includes: 1. A word from the President 2. ACA Annual General Meeting 3. Trivia Night roundup 4. Fibre to the Home VCAT outcome 5. Food swap at Creeds Farm LED downlight replacement offer 6. Creeds Farm Market Flyer 7. Plenty Valley Arts, City of Whittlesea Recycling Community Strengthening proposal 8. Transport working group update 9. McDonalds & BP Service station coming to Epping North 10/11. How to secure your Fibre to the home service in Aurora – Very Important information for IINET customers 12. Annual General Meeting Invitation

March 2013 Newsletter

Table of Contents A word from the President Trivia Night Clean up Australia Day, General Store, Article on St Mary of the Cross McKillop Primary School, Community Consultation Craft Circle, Transport working Group About the ACA Community Garden, Being an ACA member Article from Danielle Green MP Aurora Town Centre


November 2012 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. A word from the President 2. Car Boot Sale Facebook competition, Coffee and chat update, Transport working group update 3. Pet Micro chipping, Advertising your business on our website, General Store 4. Committee member profile, Craft Circle, About the ACA 5. Community Garden, JAC Music 6. Car Boot Sale
ACA November 2012 Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter

Contents: 1. A note from the President 2. Trivia night 3. Power Group Purchasing, Epping Pet Owners Group 4. Community Garden and Craft Circle 5. Neighbourhood watch, Summerhill Estate, Wallaby Childcare coming soon. 6. AGM notice
ACA June 2012 newsletter

February 2012 Newsletter

1. A word from the President 2. Website update 3. Committee news and advertising your business on our website 4. Grant and public transport updates 5. Craft circle and dog off leash park update 6. Community Garden and Clean Up Australia Day


June 2011 Newsletter

Contents: 1. A word from the President 2. ACA meets with Victorian Members of Parliament 3. Bus and town centre articles from Northern Weekly 4. Craft Circle, Faulty streets lights, Community Garden 5. Aurora Event Planning, 6. Woolworths update, Mice problem, Infrastructure update, General Store hours 7. Website update, business card corner, 8. Bike safety, Solar Panel issues
ACA June 2011 Newsletter

March 2011 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. Update from President 2. City of Whittlesea Train support & how to get a new rubbish bin 3. T.V. outage, internet update & swales and naturestrips 4. Recycled water costs explained 5. Community information 6. Woolworths opening & beware of snakes & a look at our history 7. Ikea opening, business cards 8. TRAC - Thomastown Recreation Sports and Aquatic Centre


November 2010 Newsletter

Table of Contents Page 1: Train line update Page 2: Train line update continued and recent train news article Page 3: Sustainable Living Awards Page 4: Internet and Infrastructure updates Page 5: Community Garden, Social Outing and CFA news Page 6: Creeds Farm Living And Learning Centre contact details and Useful hints and tips Page 7: Litter report form Page 8: Map of Lyndarum Activity Centre

April 2010 Newsletter

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Important dates 3. Become a member 4. Updates in details 5. Have you checked your solar hot water?