Epping North Transport and Wollert Rail

Aurora Community Association Website 6 May 2019 Tony Francis This post links to a PDF file which presents in a more readable format a case for improved Epping North transport and for building an extended rail line to Epping North and Wollert. The file started life in 2011 as a submission on outer suburban infrastructure that went to the Outer … > More

ACA Infrastructure Submission Updated

Epping North Transport Submission on Outer Suburban Melbourne Infrastructure V2

We need the Wollert rail

Whittlesea Leader 16 April 2019 Whittlesea Council We need the Federal Government to help make the Wollert rail line a reality. A train line extension to Wollert within the next ten years is vital.

Roads nightmare a huge impact: I miss dinner with family

Whittlesea Leader 16 April 2019 Priyam Shah I CAN’T remember the last time I got home from work in time to have dinner with my family. I leave before my daughter is awake in the morning and see her for a very short time before she is tucked into bed each night. There is no time for sporting activities or … > More

National Nightmare Commute Day: Going nowhere fast on High Street

Northern Star Weekly 9 April 2019 Laura Michell Star Weekly joined Whittlesea council as it attempted to drive a bus from Wollert to Melbourne’s CBD last week for National Nightmare Commute Day. Here’s what happened. The 24-kilometre journey from Wollert to Melbourne’s CBD, via High Street and St Georges Road, should take 55 minutes. But the daily reality for Whittlesea … > More

National nightmare commute day to shine a light on Whittlesea and Hume’s traffic woes

Northern Star Weekly 2 April 2019 Laura Michell Whittlesea and Hume residents are being encouraged to share their travel woes on social media for National Nightmare Commute Day this Thursday. The nationwide social media event gives a voice to people living in fast-growing outer suburbs who are fed up with the hours wasted every day travelling to work or study. The day … > More

transport projects ahead of state election

Northern Star Weekly 8 November 2018 Laura Michell A bus service from Lalor station to Craigieburn town centre, the extension of the route 86 tram to South Morang and a rail extension to Wollert are urgently needed to improve liveability in Epping North and Wollert, according to Whittlesea council. The council has released its election wishlist, urging all local candidates … > More

Labor pledges new bus from Craigieburn to Mernda via Wollert

Northern Star Weekly 5 November 2018 Laura Michell Wollert residents will have better access to public transport if Labor wins the state election on November 24. Thomastown MP Bronwyn Halfpenny and Yan Yean MP Danielle Green last week pledged a new bus service from Mernda station to Craigieburn station, via Wollert, to improve access to train services, work and study. … > More

Brakes pulled on Wollert rail line

Whittlesea Leader 30 October 2018 Margot Taylor Property buy up for Epping line stalls   PLANS for a $600 million train line connecting Epping North and Wollert are going nowhere fast, with the State Government admitting land for the line is yet to be bought. Last December, Thomastown state Labor MP Bronwyn Halfpenny told the Leader acquisition of the final 14 per … > More

Easing congestion on agenda

Whittlesea Leader 2 October 2018 Margot Taylor Roads in Whittlesea can’t ‘cope’ with huge traffic volumes     WHITTLESEA Council is calling on local politicians to commit to reducing dire traffic congestion in the region. The council will lobby all local candidates in the lead up to the November state election. Whittlesea Mayor Kris Pavlidis said improvements to Bridge Inn … > More