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Whittlesea Leader 19 September 2017 Paul Shapiro I HITCHED a ride from Epping to the city during morning peak hour as part of National Nightmare Commute Day. It’s not something I want to do again. But, as they say, if you want to capture the story, then you have to live it, which is why I grabbed a lift with … > More

Craig Ondarchie MP in Parliament enquires about Wollert rail line

Victorian Government Legislative Council Hansard 7 September 2017 Craig Ondarchie (Liberal, Northern Metropolitan Region) Mr ONDARCHIE (Northern Metropolitan) — My question is to the Minister for Public Transport and it regards the Aurora Estate in Epping North. When residents first looked at moving into the Aurora Estate in Epping North in 2002 the then Labor government promised them a whole lot of … > More

Craig Ondarchie MP in Parliament queries Fibre To The Home on Aurora Estate

Victorian Government Legislative Council Hansard 7 September 2017 Craig Ondarchie (Liberal, Northern Metropolitan Region) Epping   Mr ONDARCHIE (Northern Metropolitan) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Major Projects as the minister responsible for Development Victoria. I referred this matter on 10 August to the Minister for Planning in relation to his responsibilities around local areas, but he advised that … > More

Epping North residents ready to fight for rail link

Northern Star Weekly 5 September 2017 Laura Michell Epping North and Wollert residents are calling on the state government to extend the train line to Wollert within 10 years. The Auroa Community Association recently re-established its transport working group to examine the transport issues plaguing Epping North and Wollert. The group has since made a submission to Public Transport Minister … > More

Wollert train line running late

Whittlesea Leader 5 September 2017 Paul Shapiro Call to prioritise rail infrastructure as population boom looms   A RAIL line extension to Epping North and Wollert must be built within 10 years to cope with an expected population surge of more than 120,000 people, a community group says. The Aurora Community Association has created a submission calling for the longmooted … > More

Submission for Rail Line Extension to Epping North and Wollert within 10 Years

ACA Transport Working Group Submission 23 August 2017 Tony Francis On 21 August 2017 the Aurora Community Association sent an email to the Victorian Minister for Transport, Jacinta Allan, campaigning for a rail line extension to Epping North and Wollert within 10 years. Copies were sent to quite a number of others who might be interested or able to provide … > More

Whittlesea Council plan for Wollert public transport corridor

Whittlesea Council Website 10 August Whittlesea Council Responding to travel and public transport challenges – our Road and Public Transport Plan   [Excerpts follow.] Public transport   We have a lack of coverage, reliability and frequency of service in the current public transport network. Expansion of the network must occur so that services meet the demands of the community including: … > More

Population still booming

Whittlesea Leader 8 August 2017 Josh Barnes Growth surge over decade highlights need for infrastructure   THE population in Whittlesea has surged by more than 60 per cent in a decade and shows no sign of slowing down, recent figures suggest. Population growth figures released by the Bureau of Statistics reveal Whittlesea was the second fastest growing municipality in the … > More

Four-car homes on the rise

Whittlesea Leader 8 August 2017 Josh Barnes Census data reveals 40,000 households relying on multiple vehicles to live in outer suburbs   AN INFLUX of traffic on Whittlesea roads is being driven by the rise of four-car homes. New Census data shows that Whittlesea properties are among the state’s leaders for multi-car dwellings, with 4569 households owning four or more … > More

Access Denied in the News 2012-2016

Whittlesea Leader (mostly), Northern Star Weekly, Northern Weekly 2012-2016 Katrina Hinschen, Cheryl Balfour, Melissa Merret, Laura Michel, Sue Hewitt et al The following articles and announcements are mainly from The Whittlesea Leader over the period 2012 to 2016. They relate to the Access Denied transport campaign, covering its origins and challenges and the substantial amount of work to win government … > More