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Whittlesea City Council – changes to meeting laws

Victoria Government Gazette 12 April 2018 Simon Overland WHITTLESEA CITY COUNCIL Procedural Matters Local Law No. 1 of 2018 Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 119(2) of the Local Government Act 1989 that, at a meeting of the Whittlesea City Council held on 3 April 2018, Council resolved to give notice of its intention to make Procedural Matters Local … > More

‘Tightened’ meeting laws on the agenda for Whittlesea council

Northern Star Weekly 10 April 2018 Laura Michell   Whittlesea council is set to “tighten” its laws in a bid to ensure meetings run more smoothly. The council is proposing a number of amendments to its Procedural Matter Local Laws number one, which governs conduct at council meetings. Among the changes, chief executive Simon Overland will have the power to … > More

Residents want road upgrades

Northern Star Weekly 27 March 2018 Laura Michell Epping north residents are calling on the state government and the Opposition to commit to improving roads and transport in the area. Close to 250 people living in Epping North and Wollert have signed an Aurora Community Association petition, calling for a transport solution. The petition has been started as part of … > More

All go for road duplication

Whittlesea Leader 20 March 2018 Paul Shapiro Council wants State and Federal governments to kick in $70 million to fund the Epping Rd project   A $70 MILLION dream solution to ease the pain of northern suburbs motorists is almost a reality with the duplication of Epping Rd set to go ahead. Whittlesea Council is already moving to ensure land … > More

Petition for ACA Transport Campaign

Aurora Community Association Transport Campaign 10 March 2018 Aurora Community Association (ACA) The ACA has put up a transport petition on the internet using Change.Org. The petition states ‘Build Wollert Rail and Improve Local Roads in Epping North & Wollert’. See Signing the petition allows for the addition of comments. Such comments might refer to a desirable and justified … > More

O’Herns upgrade begins

Whittlesea Leader 6 March 2018 Paul Shapiro Work starts on $81 million interchange which is tipped to bring some relief to motorists   CONSTRUCTION on the first stage of the $81 million O’Herns Rd interchange upgrade has begun. The upgraded O’Herns Rd and High St intersection, complete with new traffic lights, will enable motorists direct access to the Hume Freeway. … > More

ACA ‘Connect Communities’ Transport Campaign Logo

Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Campaigning 20 February 2018 ACA The Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Working Group has now come up with its own logo (see above) which features the campaign name ‘CONNECT COMMUNITIES’ and states the main campaign concerns ‘IMPROVE LOCAL ROADS’ and ‘BUILD WOLLERT RAIL’.  The message ‘IMPROVE LOCAL ROADS’ will be mainly about duplicating Epping Road … > More

Case Study 5 on Local Transport Stress and Hardship

Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Campaigning 7 February 2018 ACA and Whittlesea Council More local advocacy contributions are very much needed in the campaign for a train line to Wollert. The train line is a political (not an urban planning) issue and there is a need to influence government Members of Parliament in general. MPs are especially influenced when a … > More

Lyndarum Drive roundabout safety fears

Northern Star Weekly 6 February 2018 Laura Michell Work has started on the construction of an Epping North roundabout residents fear will endanger their safety. Construction of the Lyndarum Drive and Great Brome Avenue roundabout began on January 22. Councillors voted in November to build a $350,000 roundabout at the intersection, despite objections from the community. The intersection has been … > More

Case Study 4 on Local Transport Stress and Hardship

Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Campaigning 30 January 2018 ACA and Whittlesea Council In the hope, of strengthening the campaign for the Wollert train line, at least five cases are being presented of people in Epping North and Wollert experiencing major stress and hardship because of inadequate local transport services. More local contributions are very much needed. A lot of … > More