About This Site

The Aurora Community Association Website was created by a talented and dedicated team of volunteer Aurora residents over much of 2011. The idea was brought up to the ACA committee in early 2011 when, two of the team members, George Haritonidis and Roger Liang met on an internet forum, discussing the lacking of Aurora estate/community information on the internet.

The website development team was led by Roger who designed and developed the templates and functionalities using open source application to suit the Association’s needs and hence create the skeleton of the website.  He also set up much of the administrative and technical structures of the website and also currently maintains the site and it’s infrastructure.  Without Roger the creation of this website would not have been possible.

The team which supported Roger included George, who played a crucial role in the creation of the ACA’s online forum.  Steven Sansome, Cara Horner, Kerstin Searles, Lianne Gee and Tony Francis were all part of the working group who made decisions on the structure, design and content of the website along with Roger and George.  The working group were also instrumental in the addition of content to the website.

The Aurora Community Association’s logo was designed by (then student) Alyce Cursio as part of a ‘competition’ which one of our members (Tracey Millen) coordinated with RMIT lecturer Al Briggs.  Alyce is now working as a graphic designer in industry and also has her own freelancing business called Shikoba Design. She can be contacted through shikobadesign@hotmail.com

The development of the ACA website was also generously supported by VicUrban (now called Places Victoria).