Whittlesea council calls for end to O’Herns Road delays

Northern Star Weekly
4 June 2019
Laura Michell

Whittlesea mayor Lawrie Cox has called for an end to the O’Herns Road delays. (Supplied).

Whittlesea mayor Lawrie Cox has called on the re-elected federal government to end long-running delays that are holding up the development of O’Herns Road and the extension of Edgars Road.

Cr Cox said the O’Herns Road project, which includes the duplication of the road between the Hume Freeway and Redding Rise, a freeway interchange and additional freeway lanes between O’Herns Road and Cooper Street, was important for Epping.

He said the project was on hold due to an environmental assessment lying dormant with the federal government.

“We have been waiting 18 months and this is ridiculous – not having the road is adding delays to our residents’ already long commute,” he said.

The project will also pave the way for Edgars Road to be extended from Willandra Drive up to O’Herns Road and from Rockfield Street down to O’Herns Road.

Edgars Creek Secondary College president Melanie Taimani said the Edgars Road extension would take 30 minutes off peak trips for Epping North residents.

She said families were struggling with the stress of combining work, school drop-offs and ferrying children to afternoon activities.

“Less time spent in traffic is more time spent with our precious families,” she said.


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