Epping North Transport and Wollert Rail

Aurora Community Association Website
6 May 2019
Tony Francis

This post links to a PDF file which presents in a more readable format a case for improved Epping North transport and for building an extended rail line to Epping North and Wollert. The file started life in 2011 as a submission on outer suburban infrastructure that went to the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee which comprised five members of State Parliament.

The original ACA submission is of significant historical interest and shows a level of intense community effort and support for transport campaigning. This is an attempt to counter an occasional impression of those in government that local residents have never been much interested in local transport problems. Much time has elapsed since this submission was produced and some of the contents are outdated or less relevant. I have therefore updated some of this submission.

Problems have arisen from referencing websites which appear in the footnotes. A number of referenced articles have changed websites. Some websites have disappeared together with their articles. Attempts have been made to deal with this.

Some paragraphs in the submission highlight transport issues which have been dealt with; consequently these paragraphs have been omitted.

The updated submission may be found here.

The original version is located here.

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