Roads nightmare a huge impact: I miss dinner with family

Whittlesea Leader
16 April 2019
Priyam Shah


Epping’s Priyam Shah took part in National Nightmare Commute Day.

I CAN’T remember the last time I got home from work in time to have dinner with my family.

I leave before my daughter is awake in the morning and see her for a very short time before she is tucked into bed each night. There is no time for sporting activities or socialising after work.

On April 4, I took part in National Nightmare Commute Day with Whittlesea Council. The day served its purpose by highlighting the issues that we face commuting on our roads every day, and the toll it takes on our families and communities.

It was great to have state MPs Bronwyn Halfpenny and Fiona Patten and Whittlesea Mayor Lawrie Cox on the bus as we drove to the CBD.

The journey from home to the CBD, 26km, took more than two hours.

It emphasised the point quite loud and clear about the need to take actions and take them now. Traffic congestion is having a huge impact on my personal health and the quality of family life.

I sit in traffic for 90 minutes every morning and night. We need the federal and state governments to work with local government to ensure the people of Epping North and Wollert are getting basic road and public transport infrastructure.


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