Thomastown Meet & Greet 2018 – Candidate Speeches

Aurora Community Association
18 November 2018
Video by Dave Sharley

An ACA meeting was held on Sunday afternoon 18th November 2018 at Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre for meeting and greeting 2018 candidates for the electorate of Thomastown. Much of this meeting was recorded on video by Dave Sharley. The YouTube version of this video has been made public within about 30 hours of initial recording – the result of intensive hard work aimed at giving local voters enough time to view the video prior to deciding how they will vote on Saturday 24th November. The video shows the speakers in a different order to the order in which they appeared at the meeting.

Four of the nine candidates for lower house Thomastown were present at this meeting – Alahna Desiato (Independent), Tess Nagorka- Tsindos – also known as Tess Tsindos (Animal Justice Party), Bronwyn Halfpenny (Australian Labor Party) and David Thirkettle-Watts (Fiona Patten’s Reason Party). Two speakers appeared as candidates for the upper house Northern Metropolitan Region which has 11 districts including Thomastown – Stephen Jolly (Victorian Socialists Party) and Samantha Ratnam (Australian Greens); these two also represented two lower house candidates who were not available i.e. Kath Larkin (Victorian Socialists Party) and Cynthia Smith (Australian Greens).

The YouTube video can be seen at


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