2018 Election Candidates for Electorate of Thomastown

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Bronwyn Halfpenny, Australian Labor Party

Bronwyn Halfpenny
Contact: Bronwyn Halfpenny, Bronwyn.Halfpenny@vic.alp.org.au

Bronwyn was elected to the Victorian Parliament to represent the Thomastown electorate in November 2010. She was re-elected in November 2014 and is now also serving as the Government Whip in the Legislative Assembly since August 2016.

Before entering Parliament, Bronwyn was Secretary, Food and Confectionary Division, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union from 1999 – 2006. She then served as an Industrial Campaigns Officer, Victorian Trades Hall from 2006 – 2010.

Bronwyn is also involved in Parliamentary Committees. The Family and Community Development Committee (FCDC) from May 2011 – November 2014. Deputy Chair of FCDC from February to November 2014. She was appointed as Chair, Environment and Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee (ENRRDC) since April 2015 to present.

Bronwyn has lived and worked in and around the northern suburbs for much of her life. She grew up in Watsonia and was educated at Watsonia Primary School, Montmorency High School and La Trobe University, where she received a Bachelor of Economics (BEc) and Undergraduate Teaching Degree coursework (RMIT). She was invited to participate in the La Trobe University Mentor Program for 2016. Bronwyn has memberships to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), Australian Services Union (ASU), Labor for Refugees and Emily’s List. Bronwyn is also the Victorian Government Health Ambassador for Diabetes.

Bronwyn has 2 children and is actively involved in all their activities, reading, follows the AFL and enjoys current affairs.

Reference: http://www.bronwynhalfpenny.org.au/about/about/

Recently a Community Newsletter has been distributed to residents of the Thomastown electorate featuring Bronwyn and State Labor government contributions to this electorate.

Other references:


Alahna Desiato, Independent, City of Whittlesea Councillor

Alahna Desiato
Contact: Alahna Desiato, Mobile: 0416 946 950. alahna707@gmail.com

Cr Alahna Desiato was first elected to the position of City of Whittlesea Councillor in November 2016. Having lived in Mill Park all her life, Cr Desiato is a keen advocate for improving the road network and public transport options for residents. She launched the campaign to extend the 86 Tram line from McKimmies Road in Bundoora to Bush and Lakes Boulevards and onto Plenty Road in South Morang and continues to support the campaign as Council’s representative on the Friends of South Morang committee. Cr Desiato sits on the Yarra Plenty Regional Library board as well as the Council’s Arts Cultural and Sporting Grants Program for Young People Committee.



David Thirkettle-Watts, Fiona Patten’s Reason Party

David Thirkettle-Watts
Contact: Kaitlin Bartlett, Mobile: 0432 294 500, kaitlinbartlett@reason.org.au

Dr David Thirkettle-Watts is proud to be running for Fiona Patten’s Reason Party Victoria, as a candidate for Thomastown.

In David’s professional capacity as a scientist, he gathers evidence to support and test ideas. He wanted to bring this approach to policy making. He said the community needed to come first, developing policies that stood up to rigorous scrutiny.

David has been involved in the independent music scene for more than a decade and he said that a diverse and inclusive art scene was vital for the cultural and economic health of the state. He believed the government had a responsibility to facilitate this.

He believed that a political party should demonstrate the core values on which its policies were based. His views were shaped by the principles of respect for the individual, integrity in action and a willingness to listen to the opinions and points of view of others.

There’s more to governing than snappy slogans and populist quick-fixes which often fail in the longer term, David said. For better outcomes, a long-term approach to public policy is needed. He said it was also vital to recognise that the different systems that make up society are all linked. If we adopt a holistic approach to governance, we can achieve incredible results, providing better social outcomes, long-term savings and economic growth, David said.

David said that during the last parliamentary term, Reason Party Leader and MLC Fiona Patten demonstrated that a parliament with Reason would perform better.



Ibrahim Saba, Independent

Ibrahim Saba
Contact: Ibrahim Saba, Mobile: 0433 547 868, igsaba@hotmail.com

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/ibrahim.g.saba


Tess Nagorka-Tsindos, Animal Justice Party

Tess Tsindos
Contact: Magda Wozny, info@ajpvic.org.au

Tess is a public health educator and researcher, and a passionate lover of animals. She has been a resident of the Northern suburbs for the past 6 years, and has lived in Victoria for more than 30 years. Tess (PhD Monash) has always been a supporter of animal causes and believes in a world where all animals (including humans) are treated with love, kindness, respect and dignity. She has spent more than 30 years working in aged and community care committed to helping older people and people with disabilities live less restrictive lives, and is a Fellow with the Australian Association of Gerontology. Tess adopted a rescued greyhound, Nick, six years ago and is passionately committed to the end of greyhound racing and all racing that involves animals and has supported greyhound rescue groups for a number of years. Tess wants to ensure animals – those who are unable to speak for themselves – have a voice and this is why she’s running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party.

Reference: https://www.ajpvic.org.au/tess_tsindos


Cynthia Smith, Australian Greens

Cynthia Smith
Contact: Victorian Greens, Business Hours: (03) 9912  2992,


With regard to transforming transport the Greens have stated:

The Greens have a plan to put communities first, and create a transport network that all Victorians can rely on, no matter where you live.

We believe in creating a system that gets you where you need to go, when you need to be there.

But if you’ve used public transport lately, we don’t need to tell you it’s overcrowded and unreliable …

That’s because over the past few decades, both Labor and Liberal governments have let corporations have too much influence over our transport system.

The old parties have handed over billions of dollars of public money to build private toll roads which are making astronomical profits for Transurban.

So while corporations rake in the big bucks from these deals, Victorians are either locked into a life of traffic and pollution, or struggling to get around on overcrowded trams, delayed trains and unreliable buses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can transform our ageing, unreliable public transport system.

We can create a fast, reliable and efficient transport network that works for all Victorians, whether you live in the suburbs, the inner city or a regional town.

The Greens plan (text below accompanied by websites with more detail) to Transform Transport will:

Plan for the Melbourne Metro 2 rail project now. Melbourne Metro 2 would create a new underground line from Clifton Hill to Newport, new stations in neighbourhoods with no rail access such as Fishermans Bend and Fitzroy, and allow for future rail extensions to Wyndham Vale, Wollert and Doncaster …

Reversing decades of damaging privatisation by bringing our transport system back into public hands and create a Transport Super Agency for better planning and coordination, while ensuring genuine local consultation …

Transform our bus network by upgrading some of Melbourne’s busiest bus routes to provide commuters with a quick reliable service in areas that aren’t serviced by trains and trams and reviewing all metropolitan bus routes to improve their effectiveness and increase coverage to public transport dead zones …

Transform our train system from an overcrowded, unreliable train network into a modern, high capacity, metro system by implementing high capacity signalling across the entire network; building more high capacity metro trains; and planning for further level crossing removals along key lines…

Ensure “turn up and go” trains and trams across Melbourne so you won’t wait more than 10 minutes to get going where you want to go …

Reference: https://victoria.greens.org.au/transforming_transport

Another Greens statement: Wollert is a Growth area expected to accommodate 16,215 new residents by 2031. Similarly, Epping North will double its population by 2031. These areas currently lack access to rail services.

Extending the Mernda line from Lalor to Wollert, including 4 new stations, will provide rail services to these growth areas and help reduce reliance on private vehicles by providing high quality and frequent rail services to local residents. The Greens will include the Wollert rail extension in the MM2 business case to bring regular and high capacity Metro services to the growing areas in the North of the city.

Reference: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/agv/pages/18020/attachments/original/1538619283/MM2_INITITATIVE_FINAL.pdf?1538619283


Nikola Stavreski, Independent

Nikola Stavreski
Contact: Nikola Stavreski, Mobile: 0420 641 877, info@falanga.com.au

Of Macedonian background.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/nstavreski1


Gurdawar Singh, Liberal

Gurdawar Singh
Contact: Gurdawar Singh, Business Hours: (03) 9654 2255,



Kath Larkin, Victorian Socialists

Kath Larkin
Contact: Colleen Bolger, Mobile: 0449 678 621

The Victorian Socialists have written:

Since the Victorian public transport system was privatised in the late 1990s, tens of billions of public money has been gifted to the operators of Melbourne’s train, tram and bus networks.

In line with the neoliberal privatisation mantra, we’re told this represents good value for money. But when you follow the money trail, you find that all we’re doing is boosting the profits of multinational corporations which have little incentive to re-invest the money in improving Melbourne’s transport system.

Data from the years 2009 to 2016 shows that Metro Trains and Yarra Trams had a combined revenue of $10 billion and profits of $350 million.

Ironically, much of this money would have ended up in the hands of government – just not the Victorian government.

Metro is 60 percent owned by Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation, which is itself 76 percent owned by the Hong Kong government. The operator of Melbourne’s tram network, KDR Victoria, is 51 percent owned by French company Keolis, which, again, is 70 percent owned by the French government.

The state government should simply stop renewing the contract to private corporations to manage the service.

If Melbourne’s trains and trams can be run “at arms length” by governments in other countries, there’s no reason to think the Victorian government couldn’t manage it.

If the system was brought back into public hands, any profits could be actually re-invested in the system, rather than ending up in the pockets of international investors.

A major investment in public transport now would save billions over coming decades by reducing the need for the construction of new expensive toll roads, shortening commute times and the stress workers face from being stuck in traffic on a daily basis, and improving Melbourne’s air quality and environment.

The Victorian Socialists will fight for a public transport system that’s fast, efficient and, ultimately, free. This might sound utopian, but when you consider all the flow-on benefits to society, the initial cost would be more than made up for by the long-term flow on effects. (Reference: https://www.facebook.com/vicsocialists/photos/a.1960540414019266/2472407999499169/?type=3&theater)



Candidates are welcome to provide corrections, suggested changes or alternative text and/or photos. A new version of this document can replace the current version on this website. It would be preferable if the final version of this document is no more than 20% larger than the original.

A meeting for 2018 Thomastown candidates is planned for Sunday afternoon (2.00 – 4.00pm) 18th November at Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre in Epping North – see http://www.aurora.asn.au/2018/11/thomastown-candidates-meeting/

Bronwyn Halfpenny MP is fully aware of this meeting and is expected to attend. Other candidates, who are less familiar with Epping North and Wollert, may be more willing to attend if people tell them courteously that their presence would be appreciated.

The above contact information was provided by the Victorian Electoral commission – see

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