Future of Aurora Community Association

24 July 2018
Tony Francis

The Annual General Meeting of the Aurora Community Association (ACA) was held on Tuesday 24th July 2018 – mainly to form a new committee to organise and run the ACA for the year 2018/2019. Attendance at this meeting was quite small and there were insufficient people to form a new committee. The possibility of disbanding the ACA was raised. To deal with this situation, a working group of six people was formed with Peter Wuelfert as secretary and three past ACA presidents (Priyam, Toni-Marie and Cara) as members. Over the following four weeks this group will meet at least weekly in an attempt to come up with updated purposes and directions to keep the ACA going.

There will be major attention to changing the name of the Association which is meant to represent people residing or involved in Epping North and Wollert and not just those from the Lendlease Aurora Estate. Among various possibilities the new name could be Epping North and Wollert Community Association, Wollert Area Community Association etc. The ACA has previously focused heavily on local issues such as inadequate transport services. It may be that more attention on community socialising is needed. Desirable future association directions need to be determined. Finding future association committee members is a major task. It would be great if people could indicate an interest. Perhaps people could let us know who they think would be suitable for contact about committee membership.

The working group will be preparing for an association general meeting within a month from now where future association plans and committee members can be voted on. Voting can only be done by paid-up association members. Renewing paid-up membership will need to happen no later than before the beginning of the coming association general meeting. Disbanding the association is still very much a possibility. Community input can be made by emailing enquiry@aurora.asn.au).

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