Questionable Alternatives to Wollert Rail

Daniel Bowen Website & The Age
10 April 2018/ 11 May 2018
Daniel Bowen

Two questionable alternatives to building Wollert rail on the Wollert transport corridor are:

  1. A rapid transit busway
  2. Light rail

Major issues arising from these alternatives are covered in recent writings by Daniel Bowen from the Public Transport Users Association.

Daniel Bowen’s article ‘Catch Skybus in peak hour to see need for rail’ appears on page 18 in The Age of 11 May 2018 (see Daniel writes that in peak hour the Skybus service to-and-from Melbourne airport “is often crowded and the buses get delayed in the notorious Tullamarine traffic.”

Daniel has also recently written (10 April 2018) on his website (title ‘Caulfield to Rowville tram – the need for speed’)  about a proposed tram line from Caulfied to Rowville via Chadstone instead of a heavy rail line from Huntingdale via Monash University to Rowville (see He raises the question ‘Would it be another of Melbourne’s suburban trams, trundling along at an average speed of under 20 km/h?’ In contrast a modern light rail, with its own lanes along the entire route, could result in an average speed of 27 km/h, the same as the Gold Coast Light Rail. Daniel concludes ‘Speed will be the key to the success or failure of this new line. To get people out of cars, it needs to provide a fast journey.’

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