Case Studies on Local Transport Stress and Hardship

Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Campaigning
12 January 2018
ACA and Whittlesea Council

In August 2017, the Aurora Community Association (ACA) produced a submission for a rail line extension to Epping North and Wollert in within 10 years (see In the following December, The Whittlesea Leader newspaper announced State government funding to acquire the remaining land needed for the Wollert Public Transport Corridor on which the train line is to be built (see Up until this announcement, there was little sign that anyone in State government had looked closely at the above submission. Completing land acquisition for the corridor will be a major step forward. The next step will be to have a feasibility study for the Wollert train line completed within a year from now, rather than within five years that Infrastructure Victoria is allowing for.

Additional and wider roads are also needed but without a rail line they will only attract more cars and trucks which will result in more congestion. In the hope, of strengthening the campaign for the train line, at least five cases will be presented of people in Epping North and Wollert experiencing major stress and hardship because of inadequate local transport services. More local contributions are very much needed. A lot of people writing their own stress and hardship cases would greatly help. It would be appreciated if such case reports are sent to

  • the ACA at for posting on the internet (either on the ACA website or a new ACA Transport Working Group website),
  • the Getting Epping Moving Facebook page and
  • Members of Parliament such as Bronwyn Halfpenny.

Please indicate if names can be made public or if withholding of names is preferred where possible.

A 1-2 minute video on YouTube might be worth considering as an alternative to something in writing. A video that goes viral would make a great impact and help hugely with transport campaigning. Some local dashcam video could be used. ACA assistance might be possible for making the video. Local school involvement with family support in written and video case studies could make a world of difference. The first of the case studies appears below.

Reference: City Of Whittlesea 2017 – Epping North and Wollert Community Case Studies

S____ and J____ moved to Wollert two years ago. They have three children under the age of three. One of the twins has a significant health issue that requires frequent trips to the Northern Hospital outpatients and visits to the paediatrician at Plenty Valley Community Health. J____ works full-time in the city and is not able to help S____ with the hospital or doctor’s visits. He generally uses their car to get to work. S____ has not had a chance to connect with her community due to the demands of caring for her three children so she does not have anyone who can help her manage and she is feeling increasingly overwhelmed. On the days that she needs to take her child and, by necessity the other two children, to medical appointments her husband leaves her the car. This is a two edged sword as it means on those nights he gets home even later than usual as he has to take multiple forms of transport to get home.

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