Case Study 4 on Local Transport Stress and Hardship

Aurora Community Association (ACA) Transport Campaigning
30 January 2018
ACA and Whittlesea Council

In the hope, of strengthening the campaign for the Wollert train line, at least five cases are being presented of people in Epping North and Wollert experiencing major stress and hardship because of inadequate local transport services. More local contributions are very much needed. A lot of people writing their own stress and hardship cases would help greatly. It would be appreciated if such case reports are sent to

  • the ACA at for posting on the internet (either on the ACA website or a new ACA Transport Working Group website),
  • the Getting Epping Moving Facebook page and
  • Members of Parliament such as Bronwyn Halfpenny.

Please indicate if names can be made public or if withholding of names is preferred where possible.

A 1-2 minute video on YouTube might be worth considering as an alternative to something in writing. A video that goes viral would make a great impact and help hugely with transport campaigning. Some local dashcam video could be used. ACA assistance might be possible for making the video. Local school involvement with family support in written and video case studies could make a world of difference. The fourth case study appear below.

Case study four


Reference: City Of Whittlesea 2017 – Epping North and Wollert Community Case Studies

Mrs D_____ immigrated to Australia from Sri Lanka to live with her daughter and son-in-law five years ago. Her main role at that time was to care for her two grandchildren while their parents worked full-time. Now the children are at school and Mrs D____ is at home on her own for many hours each day. She cannot drive and at 75 years of age is too frightened to even think about learning, besides how could the family afford another car as the one they have is used by her daughter and son-in-law to travel to work in the city.

Mrs D____ knows that there are other Sri Lankan women like her living in other parts of the City of Whittlesea but she cannot meet up with them because there is no public transport within walking distance where she lives in Epping North. She is becoming more and more lonely and unhappy. Her daughter is becoming very concerned about her physical and mental health but what can she do, she has to go to work to meet the mortgage payments?

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