Answer to Craig Ondarchie enquiry about Wollert rail line

Victorian State Government Hansard
7 September 2017 & 3 November 2017
Craig Ondarchie & Jacinta Allan

Question asked by Craig Ondarchie (Member for Northern Metropolitan)


My question is to the Minister for Public Transport and it regards the Aurora Estate in Epping North. When residents first looked at moving into the Aurora Estate in Epping North in 2002 the then Labor government promised them a whole lot of things, including a train line. They still do not have their train line, and many of them are stranded because they bought in expecting a train line to be built by the then Labor government and yet here we are, 15 years later, and they still do not have a train line. A local group, the Aurora Community Association transport working group, headed by Tony Francis, has put together a strong document that presents a case for building a train line to Epping North and on to Wollert. My constituency question to the Minister for Public Transport is: can the minister tell me when the commencement of the train line to Epping North and Wollert will occur?


Answer from Hon Jacinta Allan MP (Minister for Public Transport)


The Andrews Labor Government understands the importance of planning for the future needs of our transport network. That is why we are building the projects that unlock substantial new capacity for our system via the Melbourne Metro, removing 50 of our most dangerous level crossings, building the new line to Mernda and introducing the $100 million Better Bus Network, focussed on supporting newly developing communities in growth areas.

These projects will unlock potential for future rail extensions, including a potential future line to Wollert.

In the meantime, we are investing heavily in rail in the north east of Melbourne, including the Mernda rail extension, the first installation of high capacity signalling on Melbourne’s network on the South Morang line, and the Hurstbridge line upgrade, duplicating track and providing new stabling to allow improved frequency and reliability for both the lines in the north east corridor.


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