Epping Views Primary School traffic chaos

Northern Star Weekly
21 November 2017
Laura Michell

VicRoads called on to assess Epping Views traffic chaos


School council president Joanne Gellel. PIcture: Damjan Janevski.

School council president Joanne Gellel. PIcture: Damjan Janevski.

VicRoads will be asked to assess the parking and traffic chaos around Epping Views Primary School and make suggestions on how the traffic flow can be improved.

Roads Minister Luke Donnellan visited the school earlier this month to experience how difficult the morning drop-off is for himself.

During his 30-minute visit to the school, Mr Donnellan observed long queues of traffic along Dunolly Street, where parents were double parked and others were driving on the wrong side of the road to pass other cars.

Nearby St Arnaud Street was filled with cars parked along both sides of the street, leaving parents little room to squeeze through.

Mr Donnellan said while the school’s traffic and parking problems were not unique, they were among the worst he has seen.

Mr Donnellan, who was invited to the school by Thomastown MP Bronwyn Halfpenny, said he would ask VicRoads engineers to assess the situation.

He will also look at ways to encourage more students to walk to school.

“We would prefer to get more people to walk. Far too few people are getting their kids to walk to school these days,” he said.

Whittlesea councillor Stevan Kozmevski, who joined Mr Donnellan on the tour, said the issue was affecting the safety of the community.

As reported by Star Weekly, the council voted last month to ask the state government to provide funding to fix traffic problems at five local schools, including Epping Views.


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