ACA apology to local MPs

ACA Communication
29 November 2017
Aurora Community Association (ACA)

On 26 June 2017, the ACA distributed an email inviting people to attend a Transport Working Group meeting on 6th July 2017. The text in this email was from an earlier draft invitation. A later revised version was meant to be distributed instead which would have excluded the following text.

“With a four-fold population increase planned for the area in the next 20 years, the only hope for moving so many people quickly and efficiently is a rail extension to Wollert ready to use no later than when the new Metro tunnel is completed. But local MPs, not having guidance from an official government agency of worthy urban planners and not aware of any strong resident preferences, are too inclined to follow the wishes of road lobbyists and corporate donors to their political party. Hence a likely push for a doomed rapid transit bus service that will delay the rail line for around 30 years or more.”

A lack of careful checking by time-pressured people contributed to the release of this unintended invitation. The middle sentence in the highlighted paragraph above has upset a number of local MPs who find this text wrong and offensive with regard to their position on the Wollert train line. The ACA deeply regrets this outcome and rejects this text message as an ACA message – as it was originally intended to be rejected. In addition, any ACA mention of party donors is definitely not meant to imply that MPs are receiving money individually from these donors for their personal gain as a reward for opposing rail. The ACA issues an unreserved apology to the local MPs mentioned in the above invitation.

Aurora Community Association (ACA)

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