Craig Ondarchie MP in Parliament queries Fibre To The Home on Aurora Estate

Victorian Government Legislative Council Hansard
7 September 2017
Craig Ondarchie (Liberal, Northern Metropolitan Region)



Mr ONDARCHIE (Northern Metropolitan) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Major Projects as the minister responsible for Development Victoria. I referred this matter on 10 August to the Minister for Planning in relation to his responsibilities around local areas, but he advised that in fact the Minister for Major Projects is now the minister responsible for Development Victoria.

It concerns the Previous DocumentAuroraNext Hit housing estate in Epping North, which is in Northern Metropolitan Region. This estate is managed by Development Victoria. I have had approaches from Mr Kernaghan and Ms Twyford, both residents there, just as I have had from several other residents, about fibre to the home in Previous HitAuroraNext Hit. This is an estate that was launched under the former Labor government, which just about promised the world out there. Justin Madden was the minister at the time. They talked about easy access to the freeway, lightning-fast internet, a new train station and a whole range of things for this new estate in Epping North, none of which have come good.

In terms of fibre to the home, residents are getting very, very poor service, so much so that kids are struggling to complete their homework using the local internet service provider that they are forced to use. They cannot get access to Netflix, to Facebook, to videos or to anything that would help them with their studies. What has also happened is the Labor members in the northern suburbs that have been approached about this have gone absolutely quiet. This is a project they promoted as being a wonderful new innovative estate for the northern suburbs, and they have failed to deliver. Internet service is so bad out there that not even a printing company could operate in Epping North. The residents have said to me they have been trying to talk to Development Victoria, formerly Places Victoria, for a long time. They have had many, many months of discussions about how they are going to fix up their internet service, provided through Development Victoria, and they are getting little or no response at all.

The action I seek therefore is for the Minister for Major Projects to intervene and direct Development Victoria to fix this matter up so that at the very least the things that the then Labor government promised will be delivered to these people in the Previous HitAuroraNext Document estate and so the kids, the future of this state, can at least do their homework efficiently using good internet access. I call on the minister to intervene to get this matter sorted out and to come back to me on what the solution is and when it will be fixed.

The PRESIDENT — Can I just clarify this? This is deja vu; I have heard a large part of that issue in recent days. Was that in an adjournment, or was that at another part of our proceedings? And is the action you seek tonight quite different to what you have sought previously?

Mr ONDARCHIE — It is slightly different, President, because I have referred this to the Minister for Planning, who wrote back to me and said that it actually falls under the Minister for Major Projects and that I should redirect this to that minister.

The PRESIDENT — Was it an adjournment item on the last occasion?

Mr ONDARCHIE — It was.

The PRESIDENT — Theoretically matters that are raised in the adjournment should only be raised once. Given that it is for a different minister, I will allow it through tonight.


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