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Heavy rail extension to Epping North and Wollert


It’s estimated that over 37,000 residents in the City of Whittlesea do not have adequate access to public transport.

This figure is expected to increase as our population continues to grow rapidly.

For our new residents to be able to access important services and jobs, they must either drive or are forced to use infrequent, sparsely located bus services. This makes community members reliant on their cars.

We are asking the State Government to fund the extension of the train line from Lalor Station to Epping North and Wollert. It’s expected that this project will cost approximately $600 million.

How will this benefit our community?


  • Enable every 1000 households to avoid the purchase of a second car, generating total savings of around $30,000 per household or $30 million in community savings
  • Remove the equivalent of 11,000 cars off the road
  • Cut traffic volumes and road accidents, noise, air pollution and residential disruption
  • Improve access of vulnerable groups to health care, education and shopping.

How you can help


It’s important that our community rally together to let the State Government know that this project is a priority for our residents.

You can help by:


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