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Aurora family festival day

Whittlesea Leader 26 January 2016 A FAMILY festival and community day hosted by Lendlease will be held at Aurora estate this weekend. Better Homes and Gardens personality Jason Hodges will share his expertise in landscaping and gardening, a market hall will feature a range of stalls from the Whittlesea Monday Market, and food trucks will serve up an array of … > More

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Use of banned fireworks condemned

Whittlesea Leader 26 January 2016 Katrina Hinschen Plan to stifle illegal fireworks   COMMUNITY GROUPS COME TOGETHER TO CHANGE PERCEPTIONS OF BANNED PYROTECHNICS   POLICE, Whittlesea Council and MPs have joined forces with the CFA to condemn the use of illegal fireworks. Doreen CFA captain Chris Maries spoke to the Whittlesea Leader last week about illegal fireworks, saying those who … > More

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Aurora Town Centres – sizes altered

Whittlesea Leader 26 January 2016 Katrina Hinschen Aurora changes   TOWN CENTRE SIZES ALTERED   PLACES Victoria has proposed changes to the Aurora Development Plan, which focuses on changing the size of the Epping North estate’s town centres. The existing plan was endorsed by Whittlesea Council in 2008 and included plans for a main town centre called Aurora South, near … > More

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General Meeting 17th Feb 2016 7.30pm

What’s happening in your area is the theme of our next General Meeting coming up Wednesday 17th Feb, at  St Mary of the cross Mackillop, Epping North. Below are details of the event. We’d love to see you there at this FREE event- why don’t you try to bring along a neighbour or local friend? Reserve your place here Theme: What’s happening … > More

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Aurora Town Centres – Proposed Changes

City of Whittlesea Council Website January 2016 Strategic Planning and Design The existing Aurora Development Plan (Part 2) was approved in 2007, and includes plans for two town centres with: 4 supermarkets discount department store 2 community centres a town centre library higher density housing future potential for a railway extension A Town Centre is currently planned for Aurora South, within close … > More

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Kids left in hot cars

Northern Star Weekly 19 January 2016 Samantha Walker Parents ignore heat risk   Children in Whittlesea and Hume have been left to swelter in hot cars, despite warnings to parents about the dangers and the threat of large fines. In Whittlesea, Ambulance Victoria was called out 80 times to rescue people locked in cars in the 12 months to August … > More

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Aurora Community Day, Sunday 31 Jan 2016, 11am to 2pm

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Unauthorised fireworks dangerous and criminal

Whittlesea Leader 12 January 2016 Katrina Hinschen Fireworks blasted   CFA CAPTAIN’S PYROTECHNIC POST HIGHLIGHTS DANGER   DOREEN CFA captain Chris Maries says those who get a kick out of illegal fireworks need to change their attitude before they cause a disaster. District 14 firefighters responded to 19 grassfires as a result of illegal fireworks during the Christmas/New Year’s period … > More

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EPPING VIEWS FAMILY AND COMMUNITY CENTRE The Heart-catcher Project is an initiative to capture what truly is the heart of the community. Come along and create your own heart to be displayed at the Whittlesea Community Festival in March 2016. In the meantime, your heart-catcher will be displayed at Epping Views Family and Community Centre as part of an art … > More

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Infant healthy eating program

City of Whittlesea brochure December 2015 Infant Healthy Eating Program at Galada Centre   Purpose The Infant Program* supports parents with children between 3-18 months old and aims to promote healthy eating and active play behaviours in parents and their children. Trained health professionals will offer support and practical advice to help parents get healthy eating and physical activity right … > More

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