Epping North Survey

City of Whittlesea
November 2015
Joanna Stubbings

City of Whittlesea Annual Household Survey 2015
– a comparative survey of the demographic characteristics of residents in the 12 precincts of the Whittlesea municipality which includes Epping North. The City of Whittlesea (CoW) Council is responsible for these precincts. Demographic characteristics include age, place of birth, income, employment, family and transport.

Epping North Community Profile
275 individual residents were surveyed in 2015 for the precinct of Epping North (other  precincts include Mernda, Doreen, Lalor, Mill Park and Thomastown). A total of 2,878 individual residents were surveyed for all of the CoW.

Epping North (compared to other CoW precincts) has

  • a young population (median age 30), consisting of predominately couple families with young children
  • the highest percent of overseas born (49.8%)
  • a high % of mortgagee households
  • the highest percentage of residents intending to move house in the next year – 17.2% cf. 11.2% in CoW
  • a median weekly income of $662 and a high proportion of professionals
  • a low rates of unemployment
  • longer commute times to work, resulting in perceived lack of time for family/friends
  • a higher perceptions of safety in public areas
  • major concerns relating to public transport and roads

A more complete overview of the Epping North survey may be found in the following document (left mouse click to view):

Annual Household Survey Presentation for Epping North 2015

For a full copy of the 2015 Annual Household Survey, visit Council’s website


Acknowledgements: much of the above information comes from City of Whittlesea Council notes of a meeting on 18 November 2015 for the Epping North/Wollert Local Area Network organised by Community Development Officer, Pania Bailey-Jenkin. Information about the 2015 annual household survey for Epping North was presented by Joanna Stubbings, Advocacy and Research Projects Officer, City of Whittlesea Council.

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