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Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC)
20 November 2015
WCC Officers

Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC) adopted its current name in 2005 after beginning in Lalor in 1973 oriented to having local volunteers guide and assist disadvantaged members of the community. WCC has grown considerably in staff and volunteer numbers and in its range of services and programs. It provides:

  • community legal services,
  • emergency relief services,
  • community transport services,
  • learner driver education,
  • learning support programs,
  • youth work,
  • assistance for the homeless,
  • assistance in dealing with family violence.

More information on services is provided in the following document (left mouse click to open):

Whittlesea Community Connections Services

The following document displays a weekly calendar of emergency relief services provided in the City of Whittlesea. Providers include the Salvation Army, Whittlesea Foodshare and St Vincent De Paul. Emergency Relief Services offered by WCC include eligible residents receiving a cash cheque of between $40 – $60 once a month.


The City of Whittlesea Council has produced the following food security fact sheet which defines food security and highlights problems with people running out of food and people not able to afford food.

Food Security Fact Sheet 2015

The WCC Emergency Relief Survey for 2014 may be found at


The survey may also be read as

Emergency Relief Survey 2014

The WCC Housing Brokerage and Support Project is meant to assist low income households obtain private rental housing and is the subject of the following evaluation report which appears at


The report may also be read as

Housing Brokerage & Support Project

The Whittlesea Emergency Relief Network runs an annual Christmas Drive for non-perishable food items and monetary donations which is explained here:

Whittlesea Emergency Relief Network Christmas Drive

References for Additional WCC Information

WCC Volunteer Roles:


Christmas Gift Wrapping Services:

WCC Volunteers Needed for Christmas Wrapping

Volunteer Training:




 Acknowledgements: much of the above information comes from City of Whittlesea Council notes of a meeting on 18 November 2015 for the Epping North/Wollert Local Area Network organised by Community Development Officer, Pania Bailey-Jenkin. WCC representatives at this meeting were Katriece Bolden and Michelle Newton.

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