Preparing for grassfires


Melbourne’s long, dry and very hot weather is well under way and is of special concern to new estates such as Epping North where lots of housing backs on to grassland which is vulnerable to fire. Residents on these estates need to be aware that late evacuation from a grassfire can cause traffic gridlock which can greatly restrict emergency services. Such residents may also be adversely affected by asthma, smoke and mental health/trauma issues.

The following Grassfires Factsheet brochure deals with planning to protect yourself and your property against grassfires.

Brochure on knowing your risk and what to do if you live on the edge of the city (left mouse click to open):

Grassfires – Know Risk

Brochure on reducing risk from grassfire:

Grassfires – Don’t Get Caught

Brochure on warnings and restrictions to prevent grassfires:

Acknowledgements: much of the above information comes from City of Whittlesea Council notes of a meeting on 18 November 2015 for the Epping North/Wollert Local Area Network organised by Community Development Officer, Pania Bailey-Jenkin.  Grassfire information was presented at this meeting by Mike Shaw, Community Liaison Engagement Officer, District 14, CFA.

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