Coping with heatwaves

Victorian Department of Health

Heat may cause illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stoke. More importantly heat may worsen the condition of someone who already has a medical issue such as heart disease or diabetes. The following brochures look at risks to human health posed by heatwaves and what can be done to reduce these risks.

Brochure on staying healthy in the heat with special attention on who is at most risk and how people can avoid heat-related illness (left mouse click to view):

Staying Healthy in the Heat

Brochure on monitoring and/or supporting fellow community residents who at risk from heatwaves:

Heatwave Support

Brochure summing up on keeping healthy in the heat:

Healthy in Heat

Acknowledgements: much of the above information comes from City of Whittlesea Council notes of a meeting on 18 November 2015 for the Epping North/Wollert Local Area Network organised by Community Development Officer, Pania Bailey-Jenkin.  Heatwave information was presented at this meeting by Kellie Massouras, Emergency Resilience Office, City of Whittlesea Council.

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