Future Powered Families

Future Powered Families is an energy saving program for low income families with children under 16 years old. The program aims to help families reduce their energy bills, and hence save money and greenhouse gases. The program consists of 3 components:

* Energy workshops. Workshops go over what to look for on the energy bills, energy use of different appliances and energy saving tips. Free energy saving tools will also be given.
* Training to become an energy assessor. Once completed, parents can visit the homes of friends and relatives. Parents visiting homes that fit the criteria will be paid $50 for each household.
* Home visit for one on one energy advice from one of the trained parents.
To be eligible, households must earn 78,000 or less, or have a concession/health care card. Parents must also have an eldest child of 15 years old or younger.

for information please go to http://environmentvictoria.org.au/fpf/homevisit#.VGVyRmdfZfY or contact:

Amy Yang
Future Powered Families Project Officer
Environment Victoria
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