Less stress, please

Whittlesea Leader,
29 July 2014,

THIS is madness. Epping Rd stopped, bumper-to-bumper from Findon Rd to Harvest Home Rd at 1.30pm on a Saturday.

Even trying to negotiate High St, south from Findon Rd, at weeknights is utter chaos. All this housing development along the High St, Epping, corridor has created huge bulging bank accounts for the developers and Whittlesea Council, but only nightmares for residents and gridlocked motorists.

VicRoads must duplicate this road at least through to Bridge Inn Rd, Wollert. Even Plenty Rd is gridlocked at morning and afternoon peaks.

The poor motorists are being sucked dry by local, state and federal governments, police (fines), registration, fuel, parking, insurance – the list goes on and on.

And what do we get for our money? Frustration, stress and empty pockets.

The motoring bodies do nothing but increase their coffers. We (the motorists) must demand the authorities to refrain from milking us dry and getting nothing back in return other than stress.

Rob Merrett, Mernda


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