Be prepared for fire risk

Be prepared for fire risk this summer season – important information for local residents from City of Whittlesea

As we enter another summer, NOW is the time for all residents to get ready for fire risk.

It is very important that you understand the fire risk in your area. If you know about the risks you can get ready.

If you live in one of the newer housing developments around the edge of the City of Whittlesea, grassfire may be your greatest threat. If there is bush nearby you may also be at risk from bushfire.

Time to plan and prepare

This summer is likely to have days of high fire risk. Everyone needs to be aware of fire conditions and make plans to look after yourself and your family.

  • Leave early. This is the safest way to survive a bushfire – plan your route. Don’t wait for an official warning to leave.
  • Understand the Fire Danger Ratings. These ratings are not a forecast, but tell you how bad a fire would be if one started. Check the ratings daily at the CFA website
  • Make a Fire Ready Plan with your family – what you plan to do and where you will meet up. Remember, fires can happen while you are at work – make sure you have a plan for you and your family of what to do if you are at work
  • Have an emergency kit if you stay and get cut off or lose power. Remember to include a torch, battery powered radio, mobile phone and charger, first aid kit, and water
  • Clean up around your property – remove leaves, firewood and debris
  • Watch the conditions. Keep an eye on the weather – grass gets dry very quickly

You need to access more than one source of emergency warnings.

  • The Bushfire Information Line – 1800 240 667. Save it on your phone
  • The CFA FireReady App for smartphones – download it for timely and accurate emergency information
  • CFA on Facebook and Twitter – follow for updates and advice
  • Listen to emergency broadcast radio – Plenty Valley 88.6 FM or ABC 774

The CFA website includes translated fact sheets on fire safety in 32 languages, including Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Persian, and Hindi

City of Whittlesea contact: Pat Carra, Fire Prevention Officer, 9217 2506 /

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