Inquiry on Growing the Suburbs

The Inquiry on Growing the Suburbs: Infrastructure and Business Development in Outer Suburban Melbourne report was tabled to Parliament on 27th June 2013.  The Aurora Community Association’s submission and Epping North were mentioned numerous times in the lengthy report, in particular pages 109, 111, 159, 160 and 161.  Some interesting data on City of Whittlesea residents was also included on pages 67-68.   The following recommendations and findings were included in the report which are relevant to people living in Epping North/ Wollert:

Recommendation 4.6: that the Victorian government develop and implement a bushfire awareness and preparedness program for residents living in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. This should include the distribution of advisory kits for new residents designed to inform both english-speaking and non-english speaking residents.  (p120)

Finding 5.8: that redesigning and improving local bus networks and routes is an important means to influence mode shift from cars to public transport.  Improvement measures could include reduced journey times, increased service frequencies and straighter, more direct routes between origins and destinations.  (p 152)

Finding 5.11: the committee finds that there may be a need for public transport connections connecting the growth areas of Mitchell and Hume. (p 160)

Recommendation 5.10: that the Victorian Government prioritises the development of outer suburban rail extensions and capacity upgrades identified in public transport Victoria’s network development plan. (p 162)

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