Voices of outer suburbs

The National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) recently launched the Voices of Outer Suburbs project website.

They would like to invite people of all ages who live or work in the outer suburbs to take part in this online project by uploading their story about living in an outer suburb onto the website either in text and/ or video and/ or images.

Please look at the website www.voicesofoutersuburbs.com.au and make a contribution- this is your opportunity as a resident of one of 25 of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia (around 3.6 million people) to have your say on what you like, and don’t like about living here and what you need to have happen to improve your quality of life.

The NGAA will collate the themes from the stories and, with permission, will also make individual stories available online.¬† These stories will assist the NGAA’s advocacy for infrastructure and services to the fast growing outer suburbs and hopefully will help influence Government policies and programs so that we can have a better quality of life and lifestyles for those living in the growth areas.

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