Transport on working group’s radar

Whittlesea Leader
21 Nov 2012
Cheryl Balfour

A TRAFFIC interchange where O’Herns Rd meets the Hume Freeway in Epping North is the first of several projects on the radar for a new Transport Working Group.

Aurora Community Association members launched the rejuvenated working group and a petition calling on the State Government to fund the interchange in its next budget.

Association president Toni-Marie Wuelfert said the lack of roads infrastructure coupled with a booming population and housing development added to an already congested road network.

“It really worries me that this is one of the biggest areas for development but we’re getting nothing to improve roads that are already chaotic,” Ms Wuelfert said.

The new transport group plans to campaign for an Edgars Rd extension, more frequent bus services and a train line to Epping North.

Whittlesea Council Advocacy Director Griff Davis identified the O’Herns-Epping Rds intersection, the Childs-Dalton Rds intersection and Edgars Rd as Whittlesea’s most congested thoroughfares.

Mr Davis said community action helped convey the urgency of situation to the government.

“The gap is widening between what the community needs and what it is getting from the State Government,” Mr Davis said.

“I can say, quite categorically, that infrastructure provisions will not keep up with development.”

McEwen Federal labor MP Rob Mitchell said the Federal Government would consider the proposal but was advised by VicRoads that this was not a priority project.

Comment was sought from the State Government.


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