Still liveable?

The Age
November 22, 2012
Jason Dowling and Miki Perkins

WHEN Cara Horner moved to a new housing estate in Epping North, she was drawn by its environmental credentials, the lower land prices and the chance to build an affordable family home.

Yes, her family would be moving away from a well-established suburb but Horner was reassured by VicUrban, the government’s development agency now named Places Victoria, that the estate would soon have the transport links and community services needed to ensure a good quality of life.

Five years later, she is stunned by how many of those promises turned out to be hollow. “We have bus stops here that don’t have buses running to them because the Victorian government won’t put any funding into the route extension,” she says.

Every home on the estate was meant to be within 400 metres of a bus stop. Residents were also promised a train, an “Epping North spur line” that would peel off from Lalor station, and an interchange on the nearby Hume highway.

“When we were buying our land we were told the train line would be five or 10 years, then it was 20 and now we’re hearing it won’t happen,” says Horner, who is a member of the Aurora Community Association.

Like Horner, many Melburnians will soon be living on former farmland on the city’s fringes that was recently rezoned residential.

By 2050, Melbourne’s population is forecast to hit up to 6.4 million — an additional 2.3 million people in less than four decades.

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