50th Parkiteer bike cage at Epping station

Ride your bike to Epping station and park it securely at the 50th Parkiteer bike cage in Victoria.

Parkiteer bike cages are convenient, undercover and a secure place to park your bike, allowing fast access to the station, to continue your journey by public transport. Entry to the Parkiteer cage is provided by an electronic card system, providing 24 hour monitored access and a 24/7 helpline 1300 546 526.

There are no ongoing costs. *After paying the $50 refundable security deposit for the access card, you can use the cage as often as you like at no charge. Should you decide to return you access card, your security deposit will be refunded in full to a nominated bank account. If you lose the access card, you will be charged a $10 fee for each card.

Additionally, Parkiteer enclosures offer a potential social network, with around 30 other people from your area using this secure and convenient facility.

The Epping cage is a new design for Parkiteer, built into the station building, boasting a fantastic position at the top of the platform entrance. The cage has provision for 31 bikes. There are good access paths to the cage, and with limited car parking at the station, the cage is expected to fill quickly over the summer months.

Use of the Parkiteer system requires user registration and payment of a $50 refundable security deposit by credit card which is refundable when you no longer wish to use the system. To register to use the Parkiteer system please go to the Parkiteer registration page.

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